Real Art Ways - epunched
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Real Art Ways

Real Art Ways

Thanks to a partnership with the City of Hartford, Connecticut Real Art Ways used iBeacon technology in a recent gallery showing, “The Talking Cure”. When we first approached the gallery the artist was using QR code technology to load an audio file. The result was a cumbersome experience that was at times problematic. But, it was all they had. We suggested using beacons.

A simple, elegant solution emerged; Using the Hello Parkville app visitors could experience a self guided audio tour. We calibrated the beacons so that when they approached a sculpture a beacon located on the display would load information about that particular piece of art. We were then able to link the beacons to simple web pages that were optimized for mobile devices. Then we could add photos, artist credits and a simple audio file that would autoload. iBeacons trigger actions on the app which gives an enhanced experience for users. Now users could concentrate on the experience rather than looking for a QR reader, scanning a code and straining their eyes to find the audio link.

The amazing thing is that Real Art Ways, a small non-profit gallery, could deploy technology that some of the largest galleries in the world had yet to discover.

We love solving problems. We use technology to solve problems, or enhance the experience. What we don’t do is use technology for technology sake. We built our back end with the idea that it would work on as many devices as possible, with whatever beacon manufacturer had the best product.

We did have some fun with some of the sculptures though. We didn’t say this couldn’t be fun, did we?