Case Study - Elizabeth Park, Hartford, CT - epunched
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Case Study – Elizabeth Park, Hartford, CT

Marketing Challenge: How to attract visitors to public gardens and advance the interest in plants, gardening while provide funding support beyond government grant projects.

Insight: In an age of increased app adoption, visitors are looking for a more engaging experience while vacationing, shopping, or in this case visiting public gardens. Traditional signs offer limited plant information and are often obscured from view by the plant itself.

Solution: We created an interactive, self-guided tour using iBeacon technology accessible from the Hartford “Hello Parkville” app. Small signs encourage users to download and open the app for more information on the gardens.

Result: We were able to incorporate historical back-stories into a short video about each garden, which featured plant identification, photos and interesting horticultural information. City funding will allow the creation of an Elizabeth Park app which will expand to offer hundreds of beacon experiences for a $1.99 download fee from Google Play and iTunes App Stores. All funds will go to the Elizabeth Park Conservancy Fund.