Case Study - Riverside Nursery, Collinsville, CT - epunched
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Case Study – Riverside Nursery, Collinsville, CT

Marketing Challenge: How to take advantage of a grower website to sell big-ticket items like trees with a limited inventory.

Insight: Riverside Nursery is a licensed Bower & Branch brand member. The Bower & Branch website features complete information on a wide variety of trees and includes a ‘click to buy’ option for pick up at their most local garden center.

Solution: We selected 10 trees from Riverside’s extensive display gardens and equipped each tree with a tag and beacon. Using the Riverside app visitors could go on a self-guided tour and as they approached each tree the beacon would trigger a link to load information from the Bower & Branch website for that specific tree. This helped showcase trees at, or near maturity, while expanding the Riverside Nursery ‘virtual’ inventory.

Result: Riverside Nursery was able to use the technology to create an actual ‘buy now’ experience from their display gardens. Since most trees leaf out and flower after peak selling season this expands their sales opportunities.