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Proven Winners®

Proven Winners®

PLANT-TAGProven Winners® is working with epunched the deployment of 30 dedicated Proven Winners® beacons in select garden center displays, public gardens and commercial plantings. These beacons, which are low energy bluetooth devices, work in conjunction with the epunched customer loyalty app platform. The beacons trigger actions within the app such as messages, instant incentives, URL links and in the case of Proven Winners® a product video. The beacons utilize Apple’s iBeacon technology to connect with garden center branded apps installed on Apple and Android smart phones and tablets.

The Proven Winners® beacons will feature a short video providing instructions on how to create the perfect container garden. The beacons will be placed in designated Proven Winners® display areas at the discretion of the participating retailers. This represents a unique opportunity for a prominent brand like Proven Winners® to put a dynamically changing message in front of consumers at the time of purchase. Since each connection between a beacon and an app user creates a unique data point results can be measured location by location, creating quantifiable results.

Additionally, these weather proof ‘tough’ beacons can also be placed in planters and in display gardens. A visual prompt will be necessary to instruct users to open the app to load the video. Beacons have an effective range from a few inches to up to 200 feet. They have three ranges, immediate (2 to 12 inches), near (up to 8 to 10 feet away) and far (up to 200 feet away). The beacons used in the test displays will be set to ‘near’ range, while beacons placed in large open areas will be set to far.

In addition to the beacon placements, a Proven Winners® ’tile’ will be added to the retailer’s branded app allowing users to access either the same video message or a companion marketing message, again, extending the partnership between Proven Winners® and independent garden centers.