Kurt Fromherz, Author at epunched
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Author: Kurt Fromherz

Case Study – SeaWorld Orlando

Marketing Challenge: How to help park visitors find key park locations, engage exhibits as team members and answer poll questions for each stop on the tour. Insight: Visitors to area theme parks often have a tough time finding their way through busy crowds and across large spaces.
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SNA Beacon Demonstration

We've put together a short tour of case studies showing we have used apps & Apple's iBeacon technology to create enhanced experiences for consumers and expanded marketing opportunities for retailers. Check out the case studies to view a short video clip explaining each project.
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Case Study – Elizabeth Park, Hartford, CT

Marketing Challenge: How to attract visitors to public gardens and advance the interest in plants, gardening while provide funding support beyond government grant projects. Insight: In an age of increased app adoption, visitors are looking for a more engaging experience while vacationing, shopping, or in this case visiting public gardens. Traditional signs offer limited plant information and are often obscured from view by the plant itself.
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Case Study – Scheiderer Farms, Marysville, OH

Marketing Challenge: Display gardens are a great way to promote plants. However, many lack adequate signage and miss valuable marketing opportunities. Insight: Scheiderer Farms has created a loyal following on it’s YouTube channel. Most of those videos are accessed on mobile devices.
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Case Study – Riverside Nursery, Collinsville, CT

Marketing Challenge: How to take advantage of a grower website to sell big-ticket items like trees with a limited inventory. Insight: Riverside Nursery is a licensed Bower & Branch brand member. The Bower & Branch website features complete information on a wide variety of trees and includes a ‘click to buy’ option for pick up at their most local garden center.
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